Our cats are family , and we only wil find a new home for them..
When there is absolutely no other option.
As you could see we have a lot of neutred girls and boy's .

And it also proves that things will be ok for the cats and for us.
We love our cats. ❤





La Lau's Day TriPPer
Date of Birth 29-06-2015
Colour black tabby Van .
FeLV, FIV neg 22-06-2020
Patella Luxation neg 2017
HCM ultrasound: 2016  no signs, sept 2018 Universiteit Utrecht no signs. 20-06-2020 No signs ,13-07-2023 No signs..

MYPBC-Gen 1. Mutation neg/neg
SMA : Negative due Parrents
Pkdef: Negative due Parrents
PKD ultrasound: no signs 2016
HD, normal ( pawpeds sweden)
♂ Firedevils Wall E la lau
♀ Siduroy Kisses on the Wind P
(Inbreeding 13.8 %
Foundation Top5 70,2 %
Clones 35.1 %



Ongermuscoon's Northern Light. 

Date of Birth 31-01-2019

Colour Black tortie white

Inbreeding :14.4%
Clones: 36.1%
Foundation top 5: 71%

HD.................. Normal 07-05-2020
Felv Fiv - .........Negatief 07-05-2020
Patella Luxatie: ..Negatief 07-05-2020
Echo HCM :10-06-2020 and 20-03-2022, 06-12-2023 no signs at the moment
PKD : 10-06-2020 negative
HCM1 : n/h
PkDeff : neg due parrents
SMA : neg due Parrents








Villagecoon Petite Peste  aka Petite.

Date of Birth 07-02-2009


Virrhea Lagertha PP

Date of Birth 31-01-2017


Waldemaine Ice Lord 

Date of birth 20-01-2016 

Lowima Filip Flip PP

Date of Birth 31-10-2020

Waldemaine Warrior Princes Xena 

Date of birth      25-03-2015   

Waldemaine Rebel without a Cause

Date of Birth  20-03-2016

Waldemaine Delinda 

Date of birth 26-06-2021